Daniel Knoben

Web Application Developer

I can't code until I get some Java

Daniel has been building websites for our clients and hooking up the data so it shows up dynamically on the front end at SiteCrafting since 2014. He also works on designing data models and integrating API’s to fit the client’s needs.

Daniel brings many skills to his position including experience in .NET programming and PHP, the two primary languages used by SiteCrafting. He is also trained in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. He received an Associate of Science degree in Information Technology from Clover Park Technical College, and he earned his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Washington.

When the weather cooperates, he spends time kayaking and swimming at Lake Ohop and Lake Tapps. In the fall, he becomes the commissioner of the SiteCrafting fantasy football league and writes a weekly recap of the games. While some in the office have called his commissioner style overbearing and domineering, Daniel likes to think of himself as a budding Roger Godell and takes those comments as compliments.

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SiteCrafting Fantasy Football Champion: 2014, 2015, and 2016

Daniel showing off his artwork
Daniel with friends at a Mariners game

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