Jen Rittenhouse

Brand Manager

Big ideas. Big earrings. Repeat.

Jen is a journalist turned copywriter turned social marketer turned brand builder. Her background spans industries, mediums and decades. If it sounds like she can do it all, it’s because she can. Jen’s favorite thing? Finding magic in moments, ideas and organizations and whirling it into words, experiences, and campaigns that make meaningful connections with people — and get results.

At SiteCrafting, Jen is responsible for turning up the volume of the SiteCrafting brand and helping clients discover and broadcast their sparkle. Her personal brand attributes are creative, fearless and denim. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and has never met an em dash or  Pitbull song she didn’t like.

Jen is also a mom, a runner and a thrifter. She laughs loud, shops hard and travels as much as possible.

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