Meredith Taylor


My hair color changes almost as often as the seasons

We rely on Meredith to track project budgets, handle payments, process time sheets, and ensure our client billing is as accurate as possible. Meredith enjoys the organizational and analytical aspects of working in finance, and she prefers working behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly.

She joined our team in 2012 as a Project Analyst before becoming our Finance Coordinator and now Controller. Meredith previously worked at Verizon Wireless, where she was a member of a regional merger transition team and gained valuable experience training new employees on Verizon systems and policies. This teaching experience has carried over into her work at SiteCrafting, helping her manage and train employees on the various systems and procedures used by our finance team.

Outside of work, Meredith is an assistant producer and co-host for a radio show where she produces content and helps manage social media pages. She also loves nail art and owns a nail art blog.

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