Mike Ash

Vice President

Using web technologies to create elegant solutions

As employee #2, Mike has been with SiteCrafting from the beginning and has helped grow the company through a variety of web developer and manager positions. Now our Vice President, Mike oversees our development team and all of the development and hosting infrastructural aspects of our company. His main responsibilities include determining where to focus our efforts, working with developers to ensure they’re successful, and assisting clients whenever needed.

Prior to joining SiteCrafting, Mike helped develop a software application that provided information to fire and hazmat crews responding to calls on a nuclear reservation. This experience taught him the importance of focusing on the details to create a reliable, usable product. Mike graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Engineering and a double minor in Business Information Technology and Anthropology.

Mike is an Eagle Scout, who is fond of fishing and hiking. He played lacrosse at PLU and enjoys learning new things when traveling and experiencing different cultures.

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