Phil Price

Software Architect

Solving a whole maze of interconnected puzzles

Phil is an expert in constructing automations and plays a key role in engineering huge web projects. He joined our team in 2009 and was previously one of our web developers before becoming our Software Architect.

Prior to working at SiteCrafting, Phil learned about PHP MVC framework which allowed him to more clearly understand the vastness and power of code when it’s well-conceived. In his past work experience, Phil contributed to big projects including Big Apple Fest, AGC, and Bargreen-Ellingson. At SiteCrafting, he has assisted on numerous projects including North Coast Lighting, TVW Scout, and Blackline Group.¬†Phil graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Outside of work, Phil enjoys sound engineering and acting. He also dabbles in developing and designing indie video games.

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