Reflecting on 22 Years In Business: Part Three

Around the Office
Brian Forth

Part 3: Our Partners

The writer Goethe famously penned, “Tell me whom you consort with and I will tell you who you are.”

Before him, Seneca wrote, “Choose someone whose way of life as well as words, and whose very face as mirroring the character that lies behind it, have won your approval. Be always pointing him out to yourself either as your guardian or as your model.”

When it comes to celebrating our partners, Goethe and Seneca hit the nail right on the head. Our partners are an extension of our team. We choose them because we admire them— because we want to be like them. As a result, they inspire us, push us, and make us better.

After 22 years in business, we’ve had many partners who were a great fit for us— and a few who weren’t. Regardless of the outcome, we are grateful for the role that each and every one of our partners have played in SiteCrafting’s growth and success.

Here are a few that have been especially meaningful to us:

  • Banking – Columbia Bank: After partnering with a big bank and a small local bank, we knew that we needed to find a bank who “got” us. Ours is a constantly changing environment, and we knew a good banking partner would be critical to our success. We have found that partner in Mike and his team at Columbia Bank. They believe in who we are and where we are going. They hold us accountable to our promises. And most importantly, they are willing to stretch with us when opportunities arise.
  • Taxes and Compliance – Moss Adams: Our friends at Moss Adams have been a steady hand for SiteCrafting over several years. They pay excellent attention to detail and always ensure that we dot every “i” and cross every “t.”
  • Bookkeeping – Puget Sound Business Services: I don’t know what we’d do without Bev. She has been keeping our books for the past 20 years and it has probably aged her faster than should be allowed. Bev keeps our noses clean and keeps a watchful eye over our statements and spending.
  • Health Care / Employee Benefits – Wilson Albers: Second only to our payroll costs is the cost of benefits for our employees. At SiteCrafting we’ve worked very hard to provide the best health and dental coverage that we can afford. We cover 100% of our employees premiums and 50% of dependents. Our partners at Wilson Albers help us walk the fine line between costs and benefits
  • 401K and Compliance – Northwestern Mutual and Panagiotu Pension Advisors: SiteCrafting offers a matching 401k plan provided by Northwestern Mutual. We have a high percentage of participation and are grateful for the work of the NW team as well as Panagiotu Pension Advisors who administer our account.

Technology is core to who we are at SiteCrafting. We not only rely on technology to complete our projects, but our clients and their customers rely on our products to stay online. Thus, we are fortunate to have best in class technology partners. 

  • Cybertools: Keeps our office network secure and running. 
  • Lightcrest: Our hosting partner keeps our website and apps running through dedicated and cloud services. 
  • Apple: Marc and Jordan from the Apple Business Team make sure our team has the best computers to design and develop our award winning applications. 
  • Westroad Investments: We have proudly called Tacoma home for almost 20 years. For over half that time, we’ve partnered with Westroad Investments for our office space. They helped us with a renovation in 2005 of the space under the Sprague Pest corporate HQ and then again in 2015 in our current location in the Bowstring Building.  
Inspired, empowered and delighted through partnership

We are incredibly grateful for our partners and the way they continually lift us up and encourage us to grow. In surrounding ourselves with the best partners, our hope is to become the best partner for you.