Reflecting on 22 Years in Business: Part One

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Brian Forth

Yesterday, March 1, marked 22 years in business for SiteCrafting. Two decades of owning a business is a good amount of time to rack up a list of successes and failures, as well as start to understand what makes up a successful business. Although I don’t pretend to have it all figured out, I’ve taken some time to put those thoughts to paper in an attempt to share them with you. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the five key pillars that make up SiteCrafting; our culture, people, community, clients, and partners. 

Part 1: Our Culture

We’ll begin with culture. 

I am a subscriber to the belief that who you are is what you do, what you do is based on what you believe, and the way you live out those beliefs determines who you are in the eyes of others.  

At SiteCrafting this is where we begin. We start with who we are and what we believe because that is the foundation of everything. So how do we know who we are and what we believe? Through our mission, vision, and values (MVV). Values and mission statements are just words unless they translate into everyday actions. At SiteCrafting, our MVV aren’t just wall art or filler copy on our “about us” page, they are the written expression of the culture are committed to living out every day. 

What is culture?

Culture is more than just a dog-friendly, open office concept with free snacks and coffee. Those are perks, not culture. Culture is the vibe. Culture is the unseen (yet seen) thing in every interaction. It is stepping in to cover for someone. It is staying late to ensure a promise is kept and preparing for something only to find out it isn’t needed after all, but if it was, we were prepared. Culture is the way we approach problems and pursue selfless dedication to the task at hand. It is seeing the next necessary step or leap and then being brave enough to take it. Culture is telling the truth and keeping promises. 

From the beginning, I wanted to build a company known not only for great work, but excellent culture. At SiteCrafting, we show up, work as a team, and hold each other accountable — and it shows. 

One of our longtime clients once told me that, “SiteCrafting does what it says it will do every time.” 

That being said, we are not perfect and part of our culture is that we recognize and own that. We are dedicated to failing fast- meaning we learn from our mistakes and adjust our behavior to ensure we don’t make the same error twice. 

It’s through our beliefs that we attract the right partners, clients, and teammates, and over the years we have been fortunate to have attracted a team of people who are committed to each other and to our culture. That is the driving difference-maker when things get rough; we have developed a culture of trust and the belief that we will always do the right thing by our partners and clients, and thus they will do the right thing by us. 

We haven’t arrived yet. A good culture is always changing and evolving, and ours is still a work in progress, but we are committed to growth. As we continue to open our organization to new people and partners that can grow our culture, we will be better for it.

SiteCrafting employee moving post its at the 2019 annual employee retreat
All SiteCrafting Employees at the 2019 annual employee retreat wearing