Why SEO is Like a Long-Term Relationship

Angie Carson

How to Create a Successful SEO Strategy that Lasts

When starting down the road of optimizing your website for SEO, it’s important to know that a SEO strategy is a long-term relationship. In order to get the results that ultimately help you increase your search engine visibility and reach your website goals, you have to put in the work and create a sustainable strategy.

If you treat it like a one-night stand, then don’t expect a phone call three days later. There is no single action that will consistently keep your website content optimized or automatically put you on the first page of Google. And if someone is telling you otherwise then – boy, bye!

Here’s How to Create a Long-Lasting Relationship with Your SEO Strategy:

1. You Need to Have Common Goals

Would you date someone who has completely different values and goals in life? A relationship typically isn’t going to work if your dream is to have 5 children when your partner would rather have none. You need to be on the same page.

When it comes to your website, you and your team need to align your goals. Doing this will help you identify what is most important and how to focus your efforts. Some of the most common SEO goals are:

  • Increase organic traffic to your website
  • Rank on page one for specific keywords
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Increase lead generation

If you, your team, and your stakeholders aren’t aligned toward a common goal, then you’re strategy isn’t going to last and you won’t see consistent results.

2. You Have to Put in the Work

You aren’t going to have a strong relationship if you aren’t spending time together, paying for your share, or being there for your significant other. You have to show up. Relationships fall apart if you aren’t putting in the work to make each other happy.

The same is to be said about your SEO strategy. You have to actually do keyword and competitive research, optimize your title tags, provide fresh, and original content, and continuously review your work in order to see results.

Knowing where to start can be part of the battle. Don’t try to implement everything at once, you won’t be able to identify which strategy is impacting your search visibility the most. Instead, we recommend a phased approach when executing your SEO strategy.

And most importantly? Don’t ghost your SEO strategy. Good things take time, so continue to put in the work and you’ll see results.

3. Communication is Key

We know communication is important. Communicating with your significant other is crucial to solving problems, knowing that you’re on the same page, and feeling connected. The same can be said about your SEO strategy.

I’m not suggesting that you sit down and have a one-on-one with your computer monitor about feelings. But your website can talk to you through the use of Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEO tools like Moz or SEMRush.

Here are four common things to look at:

  • How much time are users spending on the website?
  • How many pages on average are they visiting?
  • What pages are attracting the most organic traffic?
  • What keywords are you ranking for?

4. Keep the Romance Alive

It’s easy to fall into a routine once you’ve gotten comfortable with your partner, but you still need to keep the romance alive by having date nights or surprising them with their favorite food.

Just like you need to set time aside for your better half, you also need to set aside time to evaluate what’s happening to your website and to determine if you’re actually reaching your goals. By reviewing your website and analytics on a regular basis (we recommend monthly), you can see what’s working or look for opportunities to adjust your strategy.

Feeling connected will allow you to tie your efforts back to your overall goal, and that is how to cultivate your SEO strategy into a long-term relationship.

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