Content Management Systems

SiteCrafting has experience with a variety of content management solutions, including WordPress, Drupal, and our flagship CMS, GearBox.

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We’ve been building custom websites since 1998. When we started, there weren’t a lot of suitable content management system (CMS) options, so we built our own – GearBox. In recent years, WordPress has earned our favor with it’s sturdy core, extensible framework, and an ever-growing landscape of capable plugins.

SiteCrafting will work with you to define how the site needs to function, resulting in a CMS that is tailored to your needs. Our development team will build a CMS that allows your team a way to easily manage website content without needing any experience with web programming.


WordPress provides the ability to create flexible responsive templates, author custom modules, and generally tailor the CMS experience to each client’s specific needs. We create custom templates that make it a breeze for users to add and update website content.


GearBox, our proprietary CMS, makes managing your web presence easy. No need for technical expertise. GearBox was specifically developed to be a customizable solution that fits your needs with scale and flexibility.

GearBox comes standard with:

  • Dashboard
  • Image management
  • Photo galleries
  • Events
  • Google Analytics
  • Search
  • Page management
  • File library

Custom features we’ve built:

  • Blog
  • Campaigns
  • Projects
  • Newsletter
  • Donations
  • Members