Expanded E-commerce with Insights

Helping you stay open for business through all circumstances.


According to TechCruch, online retailers are experiencing sales that rival Black Friday due to the impact of the Covid-19 crisis. SiteCrafting can help you connect your customers with your brand through all circumstances.

Consumers still want to buy items including beer, clothing and grilled prime rib eye steak, sage gratin, brussels with horseradish aioli — and they want to do it safely. Customized e-commerce solutions empower you to pivot your business model quickly and reinforces trust and safety with your customers. 

Strategy, Support and Sales

Shopping carts, curbside pickup, reservations, traditional shipping and more. Whatever your business needs, our development team can craft it for you. Additionally, our digital marketing team can help make sure people find your e-commerce features, our data scientists can turn your sales results into insights, our UX team can make sure the experience is user-friendly and our design team can make sure it’s beautiful. 

Expanded e-commerce features include:

  • Customizable, branded online storefront
  • Abandoned checkout recovery 
  • Customer accounts and profiles to encourage repeat shopping
  • Inventory management and product organization
  • Integration with your CRM and/or QuickBooks

Drop us a note today and let us help you start generating online sales.