SiteCrafting Repurposes Warehouse Space for Office in Downtown Tacoma

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Celebrating 18 years of growing with our clients.

We’re pleased to announce the opening of our new office space! During the last 9 months, we’ve been renovating the Bowstring Building in Tacoma’s Dome District at 2716 A Street as custom office space for our more than 30 employees.

In collaboration with Sprague Pest Solutions, the building owner, this new space was designed to address our need to accommodate additional team members and our philosophy of creating a collaborative work environment. The renovated building include reclaimed wood counters and stairs, exposed original trusses, LED lighting throughout, and a fully equipped training classroom. The overall design focused on respecting the building’s heritage, while also creating a functional workspace.

This location is our fourth office space in downtown Tacoma since 2001, and our growth as a company in many ways is a reflection of Tacoma’s overall growth. Since opening our doors in Tacoma, we’ve launched websites for a strong contingent of Tacoma-based businesses, as well as local non-profits, government agencies, and nationally recognized brands.

Our business has been built on a commitment to partnerships with the businesses and programs that operate in the greater Tacoma area. During the renovation process, we chose to keep contractors local, utilizing the services of Business Interiors NorthwestWatson FurnitureSuperior Builders, and BCRA Design.

The location in the Bowstring Building contributes to the revitalization of the Dome District and our corporate desire to maintain a downtown Tacoma location, with easy access to alternative forms of transportation.

Our South Sound location has been key to our growth in the web industry at large. Our Tacoma base provides access to an educated workforce with graduates from South Sound universities, creates the ability to partner with emerging programs in tech and user-centered design fields at UW Tacoma, and a central location for employees to maintain a good work/life balance.

As a part of this expanded space, we also launched GearLab, which stands for Guided Experience and Research. GearLab is a user research and usability testing lab outfitted with technology for testing how users interact with websites, including software for eye tracking, a mobile suite for testing across devices and platforms, and an observation room. GearLab is available for on-site testing as well as field testing.

We will host an open house for clients, partners, and the community on June 3, 2015 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please RSVP to attend.

SiteCrafting HQ Entrance
SiteCrafting HQ workspace