SiteCrafting’s Software Architect Phil Price Speaks at New Tech Tacoma

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Maddie Lucas

SiteCrafting’s Software Architect Phil Price was one of the two speakers at the New Tech Tacoma event on Wednesday, July 12. Phil shared how we update 40 WordPress cores in 30 Minutes at SiteCrafting and shared some tips on what to consider with automations. Phil also gave an in-depth look at automations and how we use them.

Phil explained that automations are important business resources, but there are some things to consider:

  • You need to provide them with the data they need up-front
  • Anticipate any conditions the automation may encounter
  • Justify the ROI for building them

He gave a peek at how our WordPress update automations execute the process of “apply, test, deploy” at night; making updates behind the scenes so we don’t have to perform them manually.

Our WordPress update automation saves us 333 hours (or 47 effective workdays) per year. This frees a great deal of human resource time that SiteCrafting can allocate towards more meaningful business goals.

“Work smarter, not harder,” Phil told the audience.

An attendee asked why we don’t use the automatic updates feature that is already in WordPress. Phil explained that relying on WordPress’s native ‘automatic updates’ feature is unsafe for a live website- and that we take every precaution to ensure that updates are safely performed and fully tested in preparation for deployment to a live environment.

The event ran from 5pm-7pm and hosted tech-savvy people from around the Puget Sound area to network, learn about local companies and the latest tech trends. To learn more about NewTech, and events that they host, visit their website.

SiteCrafting is a proud sponsor for New Tech Tacoma.