SiteCrafting’s Statement About Violence Against the Black Community


There are no words. Violence against the Black community persists and we are disheartened by the lack of action to end it. 

At SiteCrafting we know it’s not enough just to say we stand against racism, violence and injustice when it’s at the center of a news cycle. Dismantling systemic racism requires action. 

We are problem solvers in a digital world. But the Black community continues to face problems we don’t know how to solve. As a mostly-white company, we recognize that our role starts with listening and understanding. 

We have work to do.

We will examine our own privileges.

We will hold ourselves accountable.

We will follow the lead of Black organizations and community organizers at work. 

We don’t have answers but we do know something is very wrong and we are taking action to help. Many of our partners are actively engaged in work to end injustice and inequity. Our goal, in anything we do, is to learn from our partners and come alongside them to support the work that will lead to lasting change. 

Connecting people to resources via digital experiences is what we do with our clients every day. Our role in the fight for equity is to lend our digital and technical skills to those doing the work.