Meredith Taylor


Translating data to tell the story of our business

From managing the big picture finances for SiteCrafting to day-to-day finance tasks, Meredith does it all. She collaborates across teams to make sure billing aligns with client expectations and manages the financial details of our business — all while keeping our goals and vision for the future in mind. 

Meredith started as a Project Analyst at SiteCrafting in 2012. Her role was one part managing project budgets, one part project management, one part client communications and all parts efficient. Her responsibilities evolved to include managing the day-to-day finance of our business as Finance Coordinator. Now, as Controller she maintains a keen eye for detail and a strong sense for story as she keeps our business strategy moving forward.

She is a plant lady who enjoys hiking, birdwatching and most recently, sailing. Catch her on the Puget Sound rain or shine on her boat, Goldfinch.