Updating Our Online Holiday Game, Present Drop

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Daniel Knoben

Present Drop Updates

With the holidays fast approaching, we decided to update our online holiday game, Present Drop, and re-release it for all to enjoy during the holiday season. Of course, we could not simply reset the scoreboard and call it a day. (Well, we could do that, but where is the fun in that?) Instead, we added new features to make the game more challenging, while also addressing some complaints about the gameplay that we received last year.

1. The Present Meter

The most common complaint we got last year was that you could only shoot one present at a time. So, our first objective was to give the players a way to shoot multiple presents. We tried just turning off that limitation, but in effect, that gave users a machine gun and made the game far too easy.

After a day of brainstorming different ideas, we came up with the present bar, which is visible at the top of the screen. After delivering presents to three houses in a row, you can shoot two presents at once. If you hit six houses in a row, you can shoot three presents at once. This gives users an incentive to try and hit every house. But, be careful–missing a house resets the present bar and you have to build up your streak again.

2. Bonus Time

In the original version of the game, users got five seconds added for every present delivered, no matter how easy or hard the throw. We decided to give users a bonus for making harder throws. So now, if a player throws a present through the wind or bounces a present into a chimney off of a bird, they get ten seconds for delivering the present.

3. New Obstacles

Last year, we designed three obstacles in the game: wind, birds, and the infamous drones. For more of a challenge, we added a blizzard.

Our first attempt when adding a blizzard made the game lag as there were too many snowflakes on the screen at once. During our second attempt to make a blizzard, we added a whiteout that would roll in and out of the screen. This worked well but did not look much like a blizzard. As a result, the fifth obstacle was born: fog! Of course, we had not given up on adding a blizzard, and after more research and trial and error, we got the blizzard working. These two new obstacles add more variety and new challenges to the game.

4. Style Updates

In addition to new gameplay features, we improved the look of the game. One of the best improvements we made was to simply add a beautiful new background of stars. We also added a new sled animation to give Santa some more life and created additional house designs to give the game more variety.

Final Thoughts

We were so proud of our work last year that we wanted to build on that solid foundation and make the game more fun and better looking. We hope you have fun playing it!

Play now: presentdrop.sitecrafting.com

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