We Don’t Stop At The Web

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Chuck Johnston

For the past few months we’ve been working under the radar on a not-so-secret project. And now the time has come to tell everyone what we’ve been up to.

Ladies and Gentlemen…We’re pleased to announce the arrival of GearLab!

What is GearLab?

GearLab is a Design Lab that focuses on research, design, and user testing. We have a lot of tools at our disposal including usability testing software for both mobile devices and desktop, as well as eye tracking software/hardware. Our facilities include the usability lab, an observation room, and a nearly 1,000 square foot training room for workshops, working sessions and collaboration. We’re also equipped to take our show on the road as we can conduct onsite testing for clients with our equipment.

Gearlab Testing
Gearlab Testing

Using Design Thinking

It isn’t the equipment that makes GearLab special (although it is pretty sweet). Our real skill is using Design Thinking to find solutions to difficult problems. In GearLab we start with a customer’s problem and move it towards a working prototype. Then we get that prototype in front of people to make sure we got it right. Of course, after the prototype is complete and tested, SiteCrafting can make it look beautiful and build it. But GearLab’s solutions won’t always be built or designed by SiteCrafting.

Uncharted Waters

GearLab is taking SiteCrafting into uncharted waters. Why? Because we’re not stopping at the web. We can research, design, and test solutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s an app, process, or even a wearable device, we can ensure that a solution is solving the right problem for the right people.

Although we’re excited to take on projects of all types, I’m passionate about the opportunity to research and design for wearables and health care technology. As a graduate researcher at the University of Washington I’ve had the chance to explore behavior, fitness, and wearable technology. Through GearLab we have an opportunity to extend that research to create solutions for people. If you want an idea of how Design Thinking can impact health care I would take a look at this TEDx video.

Why is GearLab Separate?

SiteCrafting’s 17 years of building for the web has blazed a path for GearLab, and that path has led to some tough decisions. Initially, we wanted to keep GearLab in-house as an internal team. However, the nature of GearLab projects is fundamentally different. Our work requires a higher level of confidentiality not only for our clients, but also for our research participants. That is why GearLab is setup as a subsidiary of SiteCrafting. We’re a company within a company. If you’re interested in pursuing a project with us, please give us a call at 253-272-2248 and visit our website for more information.