Web Strategy Case Study: Northwest Hair Restoration

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Dr. Robert Niedbalski is a Tacoma, WA based hair transplant surgeon and leading pioneer in ACell + PRP Injection treatments for hair loss.

Situation – Northwest Hair Restoration’s Business Needs:

Northwest Hair Restoration came to SiteCrafting with a website built on the WordPress platform that had reached the end of its shelf life. Patient leads generated by the site were continually on the decline, and the user experience on both desktop and mobile was not meeting their high standards of customer service. Northwest Hair Restoration relied completely on their website for all of their marketing efforts, so its quality and usability was paramount.

Goals – Identifying the Opportunities:

Increase new patient leads generated by the website
Maintain and improve website sessions resulting from organic search engine traffic
Increase user engagement
Gain a deeper understanding of customer interests and traffic patterns for better targeting
Provide a web presence that communicates discretion, transparency, and trustworthiness

Approach – Research & Evaluation:

In order to focus the site redesign on the needs of the user, we started with research. We built on patient feedback and demographics provided by Northwest Hair by surveying existing customers and implementing a one question intercept survey to get real-time feedback. We also conducted an extensive review of their website analytics to identify what channels were driving traffic and conversions, when those conversions were taking place, and what content was most interesting to users.

User personas that reflected Northwest Hair’s customers were developed to make the research accessible. The personas helped each team member working on the web project to identify with the customer and keep them in mind during each step of the process.

Northwest Hair Personas

Through review of the site’s analytics we were able to identify traffic patterns that helped explain the decline in lead conversions. The existing website was not mobile-optimized and over 40% of the site’s traffic was coming from mobile devices.

Knowing that search engine optimization was important to Northwest Hair, we chose to stay with the WordPress platform for the new website to help maintain consistency with site structure and URLs.

At the end of the research phase, each team member had a clear picture of their customers’ needs, how and when they used the website, what channel brought them to the site, and what motivated them to convert.

Solution – Creating a Website that Converts:

Once all the research was in place to highlight business needs and opportunities, the solution was clear. We developed a responsive WordPress website, with a design that matched their brand. The design was created to make the entire website conversion focused, both on desktop and mobile. We worked with their information architecture to create content groupings that matched how users were searching for information.

Northwest Hair was continually creating new and high-quality content, so creating a home for that content on their website was key. We organized their blog by taking advantage of WordPress’s category and tag features, to help increase the presence of their content in search engines. Flexible content areas on each page also allowed us to curate their blog postings to cross-relate that content across other similar topic areas on the website.

Northwest Hair Restoration Website Design

Results – Exceptional Performance:

  • Leads generated increased 112%, with a 28% increase in the overall site conversion rate
  • Conversions from mobile devices, which hadn’t been growing at the same rate as mobile traffic in general, increased 253%
  • Overall sessions increased 56% with higher engagement – 7% more pages viewed and a bounce rate that reversed its upward trend
  • Organic traffic increased 46%
  • Search results for specific keywords are now appearing in Google’s Knowledge Graph – establishing Northwest Hair as THE authority on those topics

Northwest Hair Reports

This project included:

User Research – demographics, surveys, intercept surveys, and personas

UX Design – wireframes, card sorts, mapping out the site and its interactions

Design – conversion focused website design

Development – custom WordPress theme and plugins

Content Strategy – information architecture, content creation and curation, image selection, content transfer and input

SEO – implement search engine optimization elements and performance monitoring


From Northwest Hair Restoration:

“We are so pleased we chose to make a leap of faith to have our website managed by a world class company right in our own backyard. Thank you for demystifying the world of web and improving our primary tool for reaching patients.”


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