Sharing the Story of Alaska Seafood From Catch to Code to Consumers


The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) is an organization with a mission to increase the awareness and overall purchase of Alaska seafood through advocacy, marketing, education and research. ASMI maintained two websites that catered to different audiences and featured different designs. The ASMI team needed a custom solution to meet its diverse user needs while also presenting a consistent story that reinforced the quality, value and experience of Alaska Seafood.

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Brand Goals and Research Findings Unite for the World’s Finest Wild Seafood

The story of Alaska is the heart and soul of ASMI. ASMI is more than a seafood marketing organization, it is a champion for Alaska seafood. People who catch, cook and consume seafood count on ASMI to connect them with high-quality, delicious seafood that is sustainably sourced. Its values serve as the connection point for it’s brand, audiences and website. Our team blended analytics and user research findings with ASMI’s brand goals to recommend a strategy for moving forward with the website redesign: merging two websites into one to create a single connection point for all stakeholders. This strategy provided a framework for design and development teams to craft a streamlined solution to connect people with ASMI’s story.

Catch of the Day: Fresh Feedback

Before we started developing ASMI’s new website, we collected 25,847 pieces of feedback from its website users using the in-page feedback collector from Sitka Insights, our proprietary user experience software. Feedback about the obstacles users faced informed recommendations to update the site structure for more intuitive navigation, add a page to clearly address where and how to purchase seafood, and recategorize and expand the recipe collection.

Research Informs Navigation and Design

Recipes were the second most visited section of the websites. Internal stakeholders wanted to increase traffic to recipes and make it easier for people to find and save those pages. User testing revealed the terms people used when searching ASMI websites and informed content categories for the recipe section of the website. Research findings also provided a clear understanding of how users were using the websites so SiteCrafting’s content strategy team could recommend flexible templates. Flexible templates allow the ASMI team to dynamically pull content from across the site without duplicating content entry efforts while also providing structure for future iterations of the website as ASMI continues to grow.

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It is truly stunning, and I am so excited for both consumers and industry to come to our website and be surprised and delighted with the ease of use. Thanks for all the work on your end to make the process so efficient and smooth – I have been impressed with the level of detail and care at every step.

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Accessible at Home and in the Wild

ASMI’s website users access the website from all kinds of places including remote locations throughout Alaska. To improve accessibility, speed and function were important to ASMI website users no matter where they were or how strong their Wifi connection was. Our design and development team compressed style sheets and Javascript to minimize load time so users could access the ASMI website from anywhere. We also made sure the ASMI website was accessible for people of all abilities by ensuring it met WCAG and ADA guidelines. 

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Bringing the Alaska Seafood Experience to the Web

The new ASMI website is a cohesive brand experience that connects people with the story of Alaska Seafood, streamlines navigation for users and simplifies website management for the ASMI team.

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