Form and Function Fuels America's Love Affair with the Automobile


LeMay – America’s Car Museum is one of the world’s largest auto museums and attractions with a nine-acre campus and 12 rotating exhibits. SiteCrafting and LeMay have worked together for more than a decade. Over the years we have crafted websites that deliver results, highlight their passion for automobiles, and preserve America’s automotive heritage.

America's Car Museum 12

Start Your Engines

In 2007, as the museum was presenting its plan for a new campus in Tacoma, SiteCrafting helped build its online presence featuring a virtual museum, e-commerce and online ticketing. The Museum’s new website was designed to build and maintain excitement as the museum planned construction of its new building.

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Regular Scheduled Maintenance

A website is like an engine and requires regular tune-ups to remain relevant and engage with core audiences. In its most recent iteration, the website moved to WordPress, added a blog, event calendar and the ability to create private pages. New features also included large hero images and image galleries to spotlight the museum’s exhibits.

America's Car Museum 8

Shifting into High Gear 

Soon after its opening in 2012, the museum’s mission evolved to more than just showcasing the history of automobiles and its web strategy evolved, too. To amplify the work of its new America’s Automotive Trust and the RPM Foundation we created two additional websites.

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