Integrated Digital Strategy Gives America’s Credit Union a Powerful Presence


America’s Credit Union is a not-for-profit credit union located in the Pacific Northwest. SiteCrafting worked to modernize the credit union’s website with consistent brand styles and better organization of website pages. We also developed a digital marketing and SEO strategy that connects the dots between ACU’s social platforms and organic search with visits to the website.

America's Credit Union

The Challenge

As ACU put it, “The website is like a house that’s been remodeled by different people over many years.” It was difficult to navigate due to inconsistent page templates and styles that didn’t support the credit union’s overall goal of attracting new customers. Our goal for this project was to help push their brand forward with an easy to navigate, responsive website that supported ACU’s marketing goals while honoring its military heritage.

Consistent Brand Styles

ACU had difficulty marrying the business and consumer products into a website that serves both audiences. Each section felt like two completely separate websites. The UX team held a focus group with key stakeholders to better understand both business and consumer audiences and the actions they take on the website.

The results informed the design team as they created styles for the redesigned website. One of the key styles they created to differentiate the business products included a blue overlay on images and a contact form at the bottom of each page.

America's Credit Union 7

Managing Rates

Editing rates was difficult for the ACU team to manage. Whenever they needed to update a single interest rate, they had to update in multiple places. Because rates updated often, this became a core focus of the website redesign. We created a module for the ACU team to manage all rates in a single place. Rates can then be displayed in various formats, including tables and comparison cards.

America's Credit Union 1

"Why aren’t we showing up in Google?"

ACU wanted to increase its organic search traffic and rank for relevant keywords. We built the new website to ensure proper SEO setup and implemented optimized content. Following launch, we launched a holistic SEO / Digital Marketing strategy to focus on increasing the volume of customers through social media, paid search and search traffic.

America's Credit Union 3


Increased total impressions compared to two months prior to launch


Increased total clicks compared to two months prior to launch


Increased organic clicks from a 3-month total of 1,570 to 43,200 for the same timeframe a year later