Research Inspires Design and Award-Winning Results


Gresham, Oregon is a city located minutes from Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls and the city of Portland. With more than a century of history and heritage, the City wanted a website redesign that celebrated community and connected with stakeholders via user experience and website design.

City of Gresham Wireframes

Align, Organize and Engage

The goal for this project was to align what residents needed to accomplish on the website (aka user needs) with the goals of the City of Gresham. After identifying user needs, our team leveraged insights to organize information on the website, reduce citizen call volume and provide data-driven requirements for the future redesign.

City of Gresham farmers market

Research and Testing

Our GearLab team hosted focus groups with City employees which included spending afternoons at a local farmers’ market to talk to residents about their website needs. They also conducted additional research including:

  • Card-Sorting – How do residents intuitively group pieces of information?
  • Tree-testing – Can residents find information by looking at just the navigation labels?
  • Top-task analysis – How successful are residents at completing a series of tasks?
Card sorting research exercise

In addition to our research findings, we created high-fidelity designs complete with style guides and polished prototypes. The website launched and users were able to locate the information they needed. Data demonstrated the impact of the homepage redesign with 26% improvement in  usability.

City of Gresham 3

And the Award Goes to

The City of Gresham received the National Association of Government Web Professionals (NAGW) 2017 Pinnacle Award and NAGW 2017 Members’ Choice Award.

The GearLab team was with us every step of the way, shaping our research, user experience, design and content needs to get us across the finish line.

Karen MacKnight
Web Content Coordinator

To the Intranet and Beyond

Using our proven results and insights as our foundation we also helped the City of Gresham enhance its intranet experience by providing a user needs assessment.

City of Gresham 8