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Click! Cable TV

Click! Cable TV

Click! Cable TV provides cable and internet service to residents in Tacoma, WA and the surrounding area. Click! is one of the largest municipally-owned telecommunications systems in the country and is part of the City of Tacoma’s Department of Public Utilities. Click! partnered with SiteCrafting and GearLab to redesign and improve their website.

  • Task

    Click! needed an updated design that was optimized for mobile use. In addition, they wanted an easier way for customers to explore plan options, create their own packages, and submit online orders.

  • Solution

    Focus on research to inform user needs and match those to business goals. In addition, change their content strategy from informational to transaction-based approach.

  • Result

    The new CMS has a comprehensive tool to build out plans and bundles. This plan builder connects seamlessly to the front-end shopping cart experience, providing customers, for the first time, with the ability to build their own plan and complete their order online.


Through workshops, usability testing, competitive analysis, and iteration, our UX team GearLab created prototypes that outlined critical functionally, mapped the cart flow, and allowed for testing early in the project. This provided the opportunity to improve and change as we moved through the project phases.

Usability Testing

After design and development, we conducted a usability study to assess the success and/or failures of the user experience presented, providing recommendations prior to the launch. Participants were tasked to sign up for cable or internet, or both. Participants successfully completed the task, resulting in a task completion rate of 100%. Using a scale of 1 - 7 (unlikely to recommend to likely to recommend) users reported a 6.3 in their likelihood of recommending Click! as a telecommunications provider.