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Kitsap Bank Annual Report

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Kitsap Bank

Kitsap Bank
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Kitsap Bank is a local, family-owned, women-owned financial institution and longtime SiteCrafting client. The Kitsap Bank team brought forward an interesting question for it’s annual report: Would it be possible to create a piece that generated excitement about the bank’s community work, raised awareness for its cutting-edge banking technologies and engaged new target markets?

  • Task

    Do something different: Turn the annual report into an interactive showcase of the bank’s dedication to community and unique position in the marketplace.

  • Solution

    Break the mold, think outside of the cardboard box filled with printed pamphlets and craft a digital experience that delights with thoughtful and interactive design. Create a digital experience that makes people want to engage with because it matches the bank’s superb customer service, connects with customers where they are, and tells the stories of people and places impacted by the bank’s Causing Good initiatives.

  • Result

    A website that provides a yearly lookback with heritage and heart. An experience that brings the user on a journey with animation, interactive features, bold graphics and Pacific Northwest vibes.

Partners for more than 5 years

We've partnered with Kitsap Bank to create their digital annual report for 5 years. And when they celebrated their 110th anniversary with a rebrand we teamed up again to develop a modern, responsive website that supported their new look.

Your team has been doing an extraordinary job. We always enjoy working with you.

-Kitsap Bank