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Kitsap Bank

Established in Port Orchard in 1908, Kitsap Bank is an independent and family-owned bank serving six Western Washington counties. Kitsap Bank is one of the oldest locally-owned community banks in Washington State. To celebrate their 110th anniversary, they unveiled a new brand and partnered with SiteCrafting to design a new website.

  • Task

    Design and develop a mobile-friendly website that incorporates their new brand and allows customers to easily find the information they’re searching for. Kitsap Bank’s overall goal is to provide an enjoyable digital experience that matches their high level of customer service in person.

  • Solution

    Conduct user experience research and testing to inform the website navigation. Build flexible templates that make it easier for the marketing team to showcase key messages and to share their stories as well as stories in their community. Collaborate with the design agency, chosen by Kitsap Bank, to turn their new brand into an online brand identity.

  • Result

    A responsive website showcasing Kitsap Bank’s new brand. The new website also features streamlined content, a help center, easy-to-use online forms, and a new branch location finder. An upgraded CMS allows the marketing team to easily customize pages using flexible layouts.

Website Accessibility

An important design and development consideration for the redesign was to design and test for Section 508 accessibility compliance utilizing Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 Level AA). Website accessibility ensures that all customers are able to access products and services on a bank website, and it’s been an important initiative in the banking industry.

Updated Navigation

To measure the effectiveness of the new information architecture (or navigation), our UX team conducted tree-testing and first-click testing on the newly proposed IA. Overall, the IA tested successfully but also highlighted areas with low success rates. This early insight allowed us to rename those navigation items so that customers could find the information they were looking for.


task success rate in tree tests on the new IA


success rate in first-click tests for finding a location