Connecting a Community and Customizing a Virtual Learning Experience

Kois Center

The Kois Center is the only continuous learning center for dental professionals that conducts and publishes its own research. Kois Center curriculum is taught almost exclusively by Dr. John C. Kois and dentists travel from all over the world to visit the center in Seattle.

The Kois Center’s business model blends extending learning, e-commerce, events, resource sharing and networking. The SiteCrafting team created a sophisticated digital product customized to the Kois Center’s business model and tailored for a myriad of user needs.

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Research Reimagines the Kois Center Experience

Dental professionals are drawn to the Kois Center because it provides world-class education and experiences — and the Kois Center team delivers with five stars all around. Unfortunately, the legacy registration system fell short of the experience and expectations for students as well as staff. In fact, the time it took staff to maneuver through workarounds in the legacy system was detracting from the Kois Center’s high-touch business model. 

Our user research team began the project by spending time at the Kois Center to fully understand the processes, culture and challenges everyone faced. Contextual inquiries set the stage for qualitative interviews, journey mapping and goal setting. As the team learned about pain points and the complexities of the legacy system, it became clear that the Kois Center needed a solution that would be optimized for flexibility, service and personalization. 

The resulting recommendation: A decentralized system that integrates best-in-class technologies and enables the team to swap out technologies as needed.

Fully-Customizing and Intricate Ecosystem of Microservices

The new digital experience for Kois Center integrates a variety of applications including e-commerce, accounting software, a customer relationship management system, a purchasing portal, personalized login features and a content management system. 

In addition to recommending the software and third-party applications for the new system, our developers created a code repository and middleware system to synchronize and share data across platforms. Now administrators are able to efficiently access information and dental professionals can seamlessly register and access resources. This complex ecosystem of third-party integrations and custom website features come together in a cohesive experience that delivers on the Kois Center promise of excellence.

Evidence-Based Design and Development

For almost 30 years, the Kois Center in Seattle is a dynamic hub for in-person extended learning that showcases the center’s proprietary research. A beloved feature of the annual Symposium event is the seating chart, a fully customized seating chart for the center’s capstone event that empowers users to connect with cohorts and select seating together. On the back-end development side of registration, the system captures and shares student information across systems and enables the Kois Center team to efficiently manage the details of course registrations and deliver personalized experiences for attendees and graduates.

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Pandemic Prioritizes Virtual Learning

The Covid-19 pandemic brought in-person learning to a standstill and, as a result, the Kois team prioritized the opportunity to create a learning management system for its community of dental professionals. The annual Symposium event for graduates was the first course to be made available in the learning management system. 

Following Symposium, our team integrated the learning management system with the Kois Center website, building out virtual courses and integrating WooCommerce to enable product purchases. Our team also integrated the customer relationship management and accounting systems and connected single sign-on so users could be instantly connected with the learning management system when they logged in to the Kois Center website. 

Currently in the works: Development for interactive learning features including quizzes and certification.

Connecting a Community, Creating a Social Network

The Kois Center community is uniquely bonded by its experiences at the center and its shared passion for excellence in dentistry. Keeping the community connected is a top priority for the Kois Center team. Our team developed a social network to put the power of connecting in the hands of community members. Members can personalize their dashboards by searching, sorting and filtering members by a variety of factors including mentorship and classmate status. With this addition to the Kois Center digital world, members of the community can maintain relationships with fellow members to share ideas and resources and collaborate at the center and in their practices.

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Development Keeps Pace with Business Ideas and Growth

The Kois Center stands for excellence in dentistry. As the center’s research advances dentistry through its scientific findings, our team is committed to developing features and website enhancements that match the Kois Center mission and provide a digital extension of the in-person experience.

The work for Kois Center is complex and ever-evolving and showcases our team’s expertise and creativity, and our long-time client’s commitment to advancing dentistry through science. 

When the Covid-19 pandemic brought in-person learning to a halt, our team developed a customized extended learning system to help the Kois Center continue with continuing education and stay connected with its community.

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