Interdisciplinary Approach Guides Design for Engineering and Architecture Firm


KPG is a group of interdisciplinary designers, surveyors, and construction personnel that provide professional services for a wide range of municipal and private projects. The KPG team takes a holistic approach to find solutions for clients that blends many areas of expertise including construction, landscape, architecture, utilities, trails and greenways.


Integrated Approach for Increased Engagement

KPG offers a broad range of services that span from conception to completion. The team takes pride in providing an interdisciplinary vision for all projects. To ensure that message resonated with their audience, we created an engaging website that provides users multiple paths to explore projects, areas of expertise and KPG’s culture. Consistent patterns and design elements showcase the interconnectivity of expertise in their projects.


Reflecting Culture

The redesign also presented an opportunity for KPG, who is celebrating its 30th anniversary, to reflect the company’s culture throughout the website. We highlighted their team with a new staff section that allows each team member to show off their personality. New pages showcase social feeds and bring KPG’s culture of care, collaboration and commitment to life.


Workshops Help Align Goals

When working with a large group of stakeholders we’ve found that workshops are essential for aligning and prioritizing goals for the website. Our UX team facilitated a goal-setting workshop and a co-design workshop to first brainstorm and set goals for the redesign project. The workshop set the groundwork to dig deeper into specific needs around displaying their portfolio.


“The website is loved by all and we appreciate all of SiteCrafting’s expertise and assistance throughout the process. We could not have done it without you.”

Jason Fritzler
Chief Operations Officer