Helping Parents Find the Information They Need for their Children’s Care


Pediatrics Northwest is a multi-specialty pediatric care provider in the Puget Sound. For more than 50 years, Pediatrics Northwest has provided care to children and families with services that include dedicated primary care, asthma and allergy care, as well as sleep medicine.

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Convenience is Essential

Any parent knows that when it comes to connecting with care for your child, convenience is essential. Pediatrics Northwest knew this, too, and wanted to redesign its website so parents could quickly find the information they were looking for, and seamlessly connect with resources for their children’s care.

Research Informs Content Strategy

A goal-setting workshop with stakeholders, the SiteCrafting team, and User Experience identified pain points for users and guided recommendations for the website redesign. These recommendations included new information architecture, flexibility for future site iterations, reimagined navigation and quick links for highly-trafficked pages.

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“Please hold while I transfer your call.”

Reducing call center volumes was among the top goals for this project. On an average Monday, the Pediatrics Northwest call center reported 1,200 incoming and outgoing calls. Call center activity revealed that form requests were among the top reasons for a call. Our design team leveraged this insight and created a quick link to Patient Forms on the homepage and included an additional link as the second option on the Patients menu drop-down.

In addition to quick links, information architecture and content strategy prioritized making commonly sought after information easy to find and connect with to support reducing call center volumes and improve user experience.

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Content Organization Leads to Engagement

Pediatrics Northwest also wanted to elevate its patient portal, MyChart, and increase activation and engagement so families could enjoy the convenience of online access to medical records, prescription refill requests and communication with providers. On the new site design, MyChart is featured in the footer with a prompt to sign up, as well as in the global navigation.

The provider search feature also transforms the user experience. Users can filter provider search results by days of the week in office, languages spoken, specialty and location. Results are also prioritized by capacity of new patients and provider listings are linked to their clinic location.

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Web Experience Reflects Patient Experience

With a website that matches the look and feel of the Pediatrics Northwest brand, website users experience friendly and expert care in their online experience as well as their in-person experience with their children’s pediatric care providers.