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Washington Center for Performing Arts

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Washington Center for Performing Arts

Washington Center for Performing Arts

The Washington Center for Performing Arts is South Puget Sound’s beloved performing arts facility. With two locations in Olympia, Washington, they provide a wide variety of entertainment and cultural activities. The Center partnered with SiteCrafting to redesign their website in 2016.

  • Task

    Improve the website’s navigation and reduce the number of clicks for patrons to purchase tickets. Create a responsive, engaging design with an easy-to-update content management system.

  • Solution

    Integrate videos, photos, and social media content. Use WordPress as the new content management system for WCPA staff to easily update website content.

  • Result

    The new website includes a custom event calendar, a blog, image galleries, and the ability to integrate sponsor recognition on content pages. With the ability to add images and videos, the new website is engaging and encourages patrons to purchase tickets.

Meeting Audience Needs

The Center’s audience is an older demographic, so we focused on ensuring that the design of the new website was accessible, easy to read, and easy to navigate. Through content strategy, we created a more intuitive navigation, thus, reducing the number of steps it took for patrons to find event information and eventually purchase tickets through their third-party vendor, Olytix.

Content Management System

We selected WordPress as the new content management system for The Center. WordPress is a flexible platform that we used to create custom templates and enhanced functionality for the event calendar and blog. In addition, WordPress is very easy to use when updating and managing content.