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Washington Health Benefit Exchange

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Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Washington Health Benefit Exchange

Created in 2011, the Washington Health Benefit Exchange is responsible for the operation of the Washington Healthplanfinder, an online marketplace for individuals and families to find and enroll in qualified health plans. SiteCrafting and GearLab worked with the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to redesign and transfer to a more user-friendly content management system.

  • Task

    Organize a transparent and accountable insurance market to better facilitate consumer choice. Additionally, transfer content to a new, user-friendly content management system and provide a redesigned, responsive look.

  • Solution

    Structure content better and conduct user testing to identify consumer goals and challenges. Create a responsive design so customers can easily access the website on tablets and mobile devices.

  • Result

    The new website is easy for both new and current customers to find the information they need with a streamlined navigation and links to important topics or FAQs. Additionally, website administrators can easily update content with WordPress.

Better Organized

Health insurance can be confusing. To better understand the common reasons why users were visiting the site, we conducted multiple rounds of user testing. We took data from surveys, intercepts, and analytics to identify a list of top tasks that occurred most frequently. By understanding the most common reasons why users visit the site, we prioritized what scenarios we should use for usability testing. We compared first click testing on the current website to proposed wireframes to understand where users were assuming certain content lived.

Better Support

We made it easier to support users while they are browsing the website by building a log-in section for Navigators, who serve as a support network for the Exchange, and by integrating the site with Zendesk, an FAQ portal solution that provides quick answers for customers. A glossary also helps users understand industry-specific terms, and a custom 404 page that contains the most commonly visited links helps customers quickly get back to the information they need.