Making History with an Interactive Digital Experience


The Washington State Historical Society collects, preserves and shares Washington State’s history through events, exhibits, education, resources and artifact collections. SiteCrafting worked with the Society to craft a digital experience that was tailored to each of its audiences, developed a flexible and responsive website, and integrated site search with collections search to present users with robust results that are integrated and interactive.

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The Society’s website was limited in its features and flexibility. The website was also home to enormous amounts of content and was a resource for a variety of organizations, departments and individuals across the state of Washington. We wanted to help the Society better understand it’s users and organize content so people could connect with the information they were looking for quickly and easily.

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Prioritizing User Experience

Our User Experience team hosted a goal-setting workshop with the Society at the start of the project. Workshop insights informed persona development and prioritization, and also resulted in a proposed information architecture.

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“Thank You for everything. I’m so glad to be at this point! And literally wouldn’t have made it through this process without your patience and flexibility. You have been so great to work with! I appreciate you so much. A thousand thank you’s.”

Julianna Verboort
Marketing and Communications Director, Washington State Historical Society

Content Strategy

We worked alongside the Society to develop a content road map and recommendations to help the organization’s team audit, update and edit information in a focused, efficient way. The goal was to elevate the user experience that delivered content such as the Suffrage Centennial events, programs and artifacts with impact.

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Search Update

Developers used our product Sitka Insights to create a streamlined search experience that displays results from the Society website as well as its collections. Previously the search functions were disconnected and inconsistent, and the collections search relied on a database that worked double-time to respond to requests and manage updates. If the database went down, so did the collections search. Our team developed a replica database that is hosted and secured separately and updated daily. Now, if the Society’s database crashes, users can still search collections.

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