Working from Home: How to Set your Employees up for Success

Aly VanCleave

Working remotely. For many teams, this might feel as novel as coronavirus. At SiteCrafting, working from home is in our DNA. Over the years we have fine-tuned our processes to set everyone on our team up for success— no matter where we’re located. 

Here are some quick tips from our team about how you can set up communication and workflow processes that set your team up to work from home effectively.

Talk to your team. A lot.

It can be tough to lose face-to-face interactions with your team as a result of working remotely. Not being able to walk over to a coworkers desk to ask questions or chat can stifle productivity and creativity. Using digital communication tools can help. 

“Virtual messaging and meeting platforms make it easy to keep in touch with my team while working from home,” says Angie Carson, Manager of Web Strategy. “We can quickly message or video chat to make sure we’re on the same page. And since tone doesn’t always come through in messages, a good GIF can help.”

Create a daily check-in. Make it simple.

Vice President of SiteCrafting, Mike Ash, recommends having team members share what they plan to work on at the beginning of their day. 

“We’ve found that in addition to helping people wrap their head around what they want to accomplish today, sharing your plan with the rest of the team helps everyone keep a pulse of what is happening in the shop and provides a quick way to see who you might be able to help.”

Screenshot of SiteCrafting daily check-in thread with team

Use milestones to track progress and develop a workflow.

Our project managers are our heroes when it comes to developing efficient workflows. They keep us on track by managing timelines, details, challenges and more.

“I break projects out into manageable tasks and milestones so that our team can discuss progress and manage road bumps along the way. It helps us stay flexible and adjust when we need to,” says Telford Burtts, Project Manager.

A selfie of Telford Burtts- one of SiteCrafting's project managers

Try something. See if it works. Try something new.

Building a communication and workflow process that makes sense for your team’s unique needs and services takes time — and teamwork. If something doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to change it up and try something else. We wish you and your teams success navigating workplace change.

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